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The Lamingtons

The Lamingtons are a 5 piece band that formed in February 2001. They aimed to take elements of all the styles that the band liked, Emo Rock, Ska, Pop-Punk, Pop-Rock, and heavier/darker styles of music, and form them into what would hopefully be a dark rock ska band. In the band's first eight months they played 15 shows and along the way brushed shoulders with bands such as; The Frugals, Antiskeptic, Dumpster, Seraphs Coal, Receiver, Eighty M, Prophecy, Real Food, Seven Times Round, Angela's Dish and Luke. After a break and a period of redirection the band reformed, and began gigging again on the 23rd of March 2002. The band wound up it's operations in May 2003 but members suspect that The Lamingtons will resurface soon in another format.


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