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The Instant

Rock /Indie /Experimental

Born in 1999 as Audiophile, the band spent the best part of five years, playing shows around Newcastle, Sydney and Melbourne. 2005 saw the band take a break from the live music scene to pursue travel, love, art and other music projects. (Purplene & Firekites) Rejuvinated and with new levels of inspiration, the band have reformed under new band name 'The Instant'.

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TE Articles

Getting To The Point in an Instant

Getting To The Point in an Instant
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Saturday February 4, 2006

AUDIOPHILE is returning to the live scene after a 12-month hiatus. But the band has undergone one distinct change. Audiophile is now performing and recording as The Instant, having discovered there were two other overseas bands using the same name. ``Two factors influenced the name ...

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Source: TE Online - Wednesday February 1, 2006


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