Case for Jefferson began playing in August 1999 and played theis first show at a friends birthday the following month. Initially it was not their intention to be heavy or hardcore based but as time went on it bacame apparrant that that was where their strength. The band members had all loved hardcore music so they weren't too dissapointed with the transition.


Case for Jefferson is ...

David -
Micheal -
Andrew -
Glenn -
Brad -


The band recorded a demo in December 99 containing 7 fast heavy and melodic songs. Since then they have written new material and hopefully they will have a new recording out soon. Their main influences include Mid Youth Crisis, 108, Strife, NoFX, AFI, Good Riddence, Integrity, Sick of it All, Saves the Day and Slayer. Their favourite local bands are Arms Reach, Found my Direction, Conation, Draw the Line, Wisehimer, Mindsnare, Voice of Dissent, Age of Distrust, Toe to Toe, no grace, Bodyjar, Elbowdeep and Veto.


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