1994. In a dark suburban sharehouse, in the industrial wasteland that was Newcastle, Beyond the Treeline was born. Going through the birthing pains of who sings what and "can I borrow your amp next week" Beyond the Treeline eventaully came into their own. With influences spanning so many genres of music that its just silly to list them all, and a variety of original material that has survived the scathing critical process that are their regular fans, Beyond the Treeline aim to remain true to their influences while producing a consistently entertaining, energetic and genuine live performance. Over the time since their conception, Beyond the Treeline have supported such noted acts as Silverchair, Something for Kate, Shihad, Not from There, Tumbleweed and Custard.


Who are they?

Ben Donald: Singer/guitarist/songwriting type person within the band, and a founding member who was there at the beginning. Ben is a graduate of Newcastle University with a major. He hopes one day to make a living from Beyond the Treeline…or at least buy a meal from the proceeds of a gig.

Shane Williams: Drummer/manager type person and co-founding member of Beyond the Treeline. Shane is a freelance photographer with a knack for avoiding lightning strikes. Shane hopes to take the music to the masses, conquer the world..that sort of thing.

Stephen Allen: Bass player in the band. Steven was minding his business until 1999 when he was knocked unconscious and awoke playing bass in Beyond the Treeline. Steven is a student at Newcastle University studying maths. Steven hopes to take the band as far as it can go, and to own the worlds biggest fruity bar.


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