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2003 Newcastle Music Awards Winners

Wednesday, October 29th, 2003

The 1233 ABC Newcastle Music Awards are over for another year, culminating in a gala concert and Awards Night during Newcastle Music Week on Tuesday 28th October at Civic Theatre Newcastle.

The 2003 Awards Night Concert featured performers such as Amy Vee, On, Cotton Sidewalk, Viapop, Supersonic, Bite My Chilli, Mike McCarthy, Russell Thornton, Anousha Victoire, Brooke Leal and last year’s Act of The Year, Empress. The awards night was the culmination of a project that ran for over eight months with the major aim to give airplay to local artists. Tune into 1233 ABC Newcastle to hear local original music and weekly installments of live studio performances.

Writers and performers of original music from the Hunter and Central Coast Regions were asked to submit original work composed by or for them into a broad scope of musical genres. A summary of the winners from each category are provided below. With an overwhelming response of 139 entries into the pop category, organisers were able to divide the section into “Soft Rock” and “Popular Contemporary Music.” The Rock category came in at number two with 78 entries and is now split into a Rock and Heavy Rock section.

Blues and Roots – The winner of the Blues & Roots category was Eric Collier with the song ‘Next To Me‘. Eric has been playing guitar for 14 years and writing songs for seven years. He played in garage bands in the early days, before concentrating on acoustic guitar, inspired by the likes of Eric Clapton, Ben Harper, Jeff Lang and John Butler. Other finalists in the Blues and Roots category were Stuart Morrison (Patches of Smoke), Dr. Goodvibe (Strawberry Lips), Clarke Gormley (Blues Berry Jam) and Wallspace (Where has the Singer Gone).

Classical – The winner of the Classical category was Gordon Hamilton with ‘A Bunch Of Roses‘. Gordon’s musical portfolio boasts many awards for composing and performing classical music. He was the Australian Society for Music Education Young Composer of the Year in 2000, The Australian Voices Composer of the Year in 2002 and the University of Newcastle Music Lovers’ Prize Recipient in 2001. Gordon won the 2002 Conservatorium Music Festival Competition. He now has the Best Classical Song in the 1233 ABC Newcastle Music Awards to add to the list. Other finalists in the classical category were Kaila Darcy (Reflections), Geoffrey Russell (Carousel), Russell Thornton (Fanfare of Valour) and Jonathan Dower (An Interrupted Pilgrimage).

Country – The winner of the Country category was Julie WilsonHide & Seek‘. Julie Wilson won Best Female Vocals and Best Jazz song in last year’s 1233 ABC Newcastle Music Awards. Julie has been writing and recording music with local Producer Mark Tinson since 1996 and have been collaborating their talents ever since. Other finalists in the country category were Brooke Leal (Run With Me), Muzzy Pep (Changing My Name To Exit), Luke Vassella (We Got Something) and Clark Gormley (It Don’t Augur Well).

Dance – The winner of the Dance category was Ionic with the song ‘Meshes In E‘. After winning last year’s Electronica category in the 1233 ABC Newcastle Music Awards, iOnic have been in demand, performing at many live venues around Newcastle. The duo have just released their debut EP ‘Science Funkshuns’. Other finalists in the dance category were On (The Getaway), Yuki (Dirty Clothes), Chris Delfiva (Glamour & Pain) and Bulb Holster (Coconut Club).

Folk – The winner of the Folk category was Bob Pigott with the song ‘Auntie Bonnie‘. Bob is your classic folk singer/songwriter, composing and performing songs that tell stories of the rich fabric of contemporary Australian life. The other finalists in the dance category were Amy Vee (Time Doesn’t Mind), Sue Carson (On A Newcastle Morning), Mike McCarthy (Lovely Is Love) and Jo & Karrissa MacGregor (Sweet Song).

Jazz – The winner of the Jazz category were Fish FryNobody Mess With My Baby‘. The notorious Jazz and swing band Fish Fry have been performing around Newcastle since 1993. They have released two original albums, which both sold out. Other finalists in the Jazz category were Phil Tweed (Seasons of Change), Fumi Boca (Grind), Christian Marsh (White Caps) and Saxanova (Birdie).

Instrumental – The winner of the Instrumental Category was Christian Marsh with his song ‘Five Islands‘. Christian Marsh is nationally known for his harmonica playing. Christian is a three times winner of the Hohner’s Australian National Harmonica Championships. Other finalists in the instrumental category were Olsen (One Red Blood), Mark Tinson’s Steelville Cats (Highwire), Chris Camov (Out of the Blue) and Pick Newton (Baxsy Binar).

Combined World, Theatre, Gospel & Adult Contemporary – There were two winners in the combined category of World, Theatre, Gospel & Adult Contemporary. The first winner was Jonathan Dower with the song ‘A Rogues Monmarte‘. The multi-talented Jonathan Dower performs in a number of jazz and folk ensembles, playing guitar, violin and many other stringed instruments. His winning Theatre track ‘A Rogues Monmarte’ was written for a stage play set in Paris with the sound reflecting the sinister undertones of the story. Sharing the win in the combined category was Russell Thornton with the track ‘Broken‘ which was written for the feature film Broken which was produced by local 2001 Shoot Out Winner Joe Mitchell. Russell has composed a variety of commissions, film scores and television jingles. Other finalists in the combined category were Anousha Victoire (One Day I’ll Cry), Julie Wilson (Holy One) and Kellie Grant (Pictures Of You).

Popular Contemporary Music – Winners of the Popular Contemporary Music category were On with the song ‘Fortunately Everything’. On are a 4 piece band that were hailed ABC Music’s Artist of The Year for 2003. The pop band has won a recording contract and publishing deal with ABC Music. Other finalists in the Popular Contemporary Music category were Amy Vee (All In Me), Outlet (The Last Thing), Naomi Watson (Girlie Games) and Zana Rose (What You Need).

Soft Rock – The winner of the Soft Rock category was Supersonic with thier song ‘Out of Sight Out of Mind‘. Supersonic took home the Best Group Award at the inaugural 1233 ABC Newcastle Music Awards in 2002. Their pop-rock songs have gained national airplay with Triple J putting ‘When You Fall’ on regular rotation. Other finalists in the Soft Rock category were Muzzy Pep (Haven’t Got Time TO Spell It Out), Paperhalo (Automatic Pilot), Bunson (Fell For You) and Amy Vee (Still Waiting).

Rock – The winners of the Rock category were Muzzy Pep with their song ‘Pleasure Lovers‘. Nationally savvy local foursome Muzzy Pep won two awards for Best Song – Broadcasters’ Choice and best Rock track. Muzzy Pep has been receiving national airplay for many of their songs. They have just returned home after touring up and down the East Coast of Australia. Other finalists in the Rock category were Viapop (Khalida), Supersonic (Rock N Roll), Tone Orange (Heavy Handed) and Cotton Sidewalk (Destructor).

Heavy Rock – The winner of the Heavy Rock category were Paperhalo with their track ‘Sexual Applause’. Another familiar group to the 1233 ABC Newcastle Music Awards, Paperhalo won the Rock category and performed live at the Civic Theatre at last year’s event. Other finalists in the Heavy Rock category were Extortion (Something Seems So Far Away), Mantle (The One), The Motherlode (Forget the Girl) and Baseband (Vortex).

Newcastle Music Week 2003

Saturday, October 25th, 2003

Newcastle Music Week 2003 was a culmination of local talent and music industry professionals aimed at bringing back an appreciation of live music. The Timetable of Events from 2003 has been archived on this site. Thank you to all the acts that performed during the week.

Newcastle Music Week 2003 was held between the 26th of October and the 1st of November 2003.

The events were held at three venues;

For more information visit the Newcastle Music Week Website.

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