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Tuesday, December 2nd, 2003 has been acquired by CNet in a move that resulted in the removal of all content from the site on December 2 2003. was a gargantuan archive of music which included over 1 million full-length songs from more than 250,000 artists. It’s closure disrupted the online presence of many local musicians. Around 70 local artists were affected by the closure of the site.

It seems that although CNet has aquired the domain name for use as the URL for a future music services web portal, the content hosted on the servers was not included in the deal. More information about the changes can be found in this thread on the message forums. Early signs were available earlier this year when was described as being ‘on the brink of closure’ when the company laid off 20 staff and began seeking a buyer for it’s American arm as reported in this story.

A spirited discussion about the closure of is also available on while comments from Michael Robinson, the founder of, can be found here and here in which he says “we’re about to lose a museum filled with digital antiquities that are every bit as meaningful as their physical counterparts filling today’s museums”. Another good analysis here.

A table containing a list of local artists affected by the closure of is given below.

@iffhead 1ds 3x pimp Amy Vee Andrew Ellicott Axemaid Bellycrawler Beyond the Treeline Blue Suede Brook Thompson Cheap Magnet Christian Punch Clokwork C-Style Records Da Victa Numen Dajavoodoo David R Broughton Dean Michael Decoder Experimental Detuner Div DJ Fallout Ella and Zoe Sings Equinibrium Generator Generous ‘n’ Beatstarter Geoff Keen The Good Ice Maiden Jahmunji LJ Garrett Logic Error Martin Preedy Mekelle MoFo Morbus Geoff Keen Naked Ape Music Newcastle Electronica Nuclear Winter Operation Lager orc-EQ Pablo Diablo paulblackout Pendulum (Newcastle) pointbreakspy Redundant Renee Hibbert Rubix Cuba Scott Thomas Selwyn Shell Lee Shit on Toast Silicagel SuperMarket Hero Swinks Tenko’s Army The Avante Garde Project The Cisco Kidneys The Philharmonic Underground The PRTeam The Swell The Windjammers timstar Tone Orange Tonsil Cheesecake Trancendential Headache Trojan Theatre Warmth aberration Worms X-tremens

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