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Newcastle Music Week 2005

Newcastle Music Week 2005 promises more Рmore entertainment, more national professionals, more community involvement and most importantly, more music. With the festival fast approaching, the students from the Music Centre at TAFE NSW РHunter Institute have been working overtime to put together a great program with Рpardon the clich̩- something for everyone.

From the Launch Party to the Grand Finale – diversity of genres is apparent. One of the aims of Newcastle Music Week is to encourage the introduction of live music to young children and with that in mind there are family events taking place beginning with a launch party at Wheeler Place and Songwriters Live and a Jazz afternoon planned for Harbour Square. For those with tastes a little more defined, there are metal, punk and rock gigs. If your musical tastes are more refined NMW 2005 sees the introduction of Classical at the Pub.

Two mainstays of Newcastle Music Week promise to again increase the reputation of Newcastle as a major music player. The Newcastle Permanent A Major Music Expo this year has attracted industry professionals such as Australian singing diva Renee Geyer and rock photography icon Tony Mott. With an impressive program of workshops and seminars and an even more impressive list of speakers and presenters, music students, hobbyists and professionals will have a smorgasbord of knowledge to select from.

The Coca Cola Expose Yourself/Let There Be School Rock Grand Finale has lured back to Newcastle national industry professionals who use the event to do some A and R spotting. Organisers are determined to have the focus of the industry pointed in Newcastle’s direction on Friday October 28. The finale, whose reputation has grown, has this year attracted performances by Tyrone Noonan (george/Palimpsest) and Tambalane (featuring Ben Gillies).

One of the most rewarding outcomes for the organisers of Newcastle Music Week 2005 has been the support from the local music business community, who have been actively involved on committees and generous in their support. The event has seen rival companies join forces for the common good – namely – let’s get this city recognised for the talent it nurtures and let’s create a festival to rival the Tamworth Music Festival. While NBN Television, The Newcastle Herald, NEWFM and Newcastle City Council have been supporting the event since its inception (a mere 3 years ago), the festival is now also supported by Coca Cola, Newcastle Permanent, A1 Audio, JBL, The Cambridge, Musicoz, Muso’s Corner, The Drum Shop, Music Headquarters, EAO, Artbeat, Custom Audio, The Brag, Volume Street Press, Emedia and other small businesses.

It’s amazing what can be achieved by a vision, dedicated idealists, enthusiastic and creative students and a unified musical community. For full program details visit – better still – get out there and keep local music live.

Posted on September 29th, 2005 in Newcastle Music Week

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