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Stomp Calls for ‘Awakened’ Musicians

Cultural StompCultural Stomp is an annual multicultural festival celebrating cultural diversity and unity, social justice, the environment and the arts. The festival provides an open forum for all members of the community to creatively express their voice, their message or their creation. Stomp takes up the whole of Civic park and this year will be held on Saturday 19th May, 2007 from 9am – 9pm. Each year the festival attracts thousands of visitors who are entertained by our outstanding musical program, featured on two main stages and inside the Stomp Chai Tent.

This year this festival celebrates its 10-year anniversary and to mark the occasion it will take on the theme of ‘Awakening’ as one of its key messages. Stomp is currently looking for musicians, performers and local acts who can communicate this year’s ‘Awakening’ theme through their music.

Stomp are seeking musicians who are able to bring the spirit and the message of the festival to life. We are after those have first-hand experience with being ‘awakened’ to certain issues and a strong desire to express what this notion means to them … whether in reference to multiculturalism, social justice, cultural unity, the environment or the arts.

If you are a musician or performer, who is interested in performing at this year’s Stomp Festival and have something to say, we would like to hear from you! Please contact Nick Goninan, Stomp Music Programmer on 0425 214 266.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to participate in Newcastle’s answer to Viva La Gong or the Newtown Festival, Cultural Stomp!

Posted on May 2nd, 2007 in General

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