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Liven UpLiven Up is a new venture in live music hosted by St John’s Anglican Church Cooks Hill. Now before you stop reading, Liven Up is not a church service or a thinly veiled attempt to entice people to attend our Sunday services. Liven Up is about the music, the atmosphere and community.

Vodafone Live at the Chapel or Cold Live at the Chapel (depending on the sponsor) has created a more intimate setting for big name artists to share, perform & interpret their music. We asked the question, why do you have to wait until you’ve been signed by a major label before you have the opportunity to get up close & personal with an audience & an audience has the chance to really see the passion, heart & soul behind the music. Sure the music’s not going to be as loud, there probably won’t be much dancing let alone a mosh pit, but hopefully what you’ll find is music stripped back to its very core – raw & engaging.

The live music scene in Newcastle has undergone many changes and incarnations over the years but listening to live music often comes down to a choice between cramming into a hall for an all ages gig, going to a pub or club or forking out the big bucks to see a big name at the big tin shed we know as the Entertainment Centre. Liven Up is attempting to add some variety & uniqueness to the local market. Combine the brilliant natural acoustics of the oldest church in Newcastle, with the ambiance of hundreds of candles, and the energy of 147 years of good experiences and you have an atmosphere that cannot be replicated anywhere else in Newcastle.

Saint Johns Chapel Cooks HillIn generations gone by our churches use to act as gathering places for our community, a place where people could come together, get to know new people, build on relationships, and create good memories. In the 21st century its becoming harder & harder to expand your circle of friends, meet interesting people from different backgrounds or even find that special someone unless they fall within 2 or 3 degrees of separation usually based around school, work or family. Neighbours might give a polite nod or a smile when you see them over the fence, or if you’re really brave you might smile & say hello to someone you pass in the street or strike up a short conversation with the person sitting next to you at a Jets or a Knights game. Liven Up aims to recapture the church as a public space, where people can feel comfortable gathering together and creating community.

  • The support starts at 8pm sharp so make sure you get there in time.
  • You’ll take your seat in one of our many pews or if you’re early enough grab one of the cushions or bean bags out the front before the all go.
  • Xpresso will sell or your caffeinated beverage requirements
  • Cold drinks & snacks will also be on sale
  • The night finishes around 10.30pm
  • You can go home for some sleep, kick on down Darby street or hang out in the church for a while.

Artists performing at Liven Up in the coming months include:

For more information visit

Posted on September 18th, 2007 in General

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