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There’s a new night in town for emerging artists who are looking for a place to perform their music. And not only do they get to perform, they get paid for the privilege!

The Music NurseryBig Apachee have announced the return of The Music Nursery, an initiative designed to develop the budding careers and the ‘scene’ in Newcastle. And it speaks volumes that one of the first acts of the new owners of the Wickham Park Hotel was to reinstate The Music Nursery to their entertainment schedule, highlighting a definite desire on their part to nurture what is often a neglected segment of the industry – those musicians and artists who are at the stage they want to leave the garage & announce themselves to the world. Those acts who have penned their original compositions and want to test the waters in front of a live audience. And those who may have played once or twice before but want to spread their own musical gospel.

The Music Nursery is open to all genres of music, from folk to metal and from soloists to 8 piece extravaganzas. Each Nursery will feature two acts and the evening will run fortnightly with the special ReLaunch show set down for June 11.

Karma CopsKicking off the festivities at the ReLaunch will be The Karma Cops. Forming in late 2008, the four piece has only just emerged from the bedroom but have already secured a coveted support slot with Kram when he performs on the Central Coast – on the strength of their tunes on myspace alone! Must have been some good karma coming their way…

Joining The Karma Cops for the evening will be Newcastle industry stalwarts Rubix Cuba. While not exactly an ‘emerging act’, having toured numerous times including jaunts to NZ, Rubix Cuba acknowledge that they could never have made it this far without venue initiatives designed to help musical acts such as the Music Nursery. And when they heard the Nursery was being relaunched they couldn’t wait to be involved.

“It’s important that bands, venue’s & punters support programs such as (the Music Nursery)” said Rubix Cuba’s bass player Stu Cuba. “Particularly punters. It might just be the first time you hear of an act, but you never know. Maybe there’s a new Silverchair out there. Imagine being able to say you saw their very first gig!”

Discover the next big thing in Newcastle music. Fortnightly at The Wickham Park Hotel.

The Wickham Park Hotel’s Music Nursery Relaunch
Thursday 11th June
Entry is free

Posted on May 30th, 2009 in Events

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