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The Wickham Park Hotel’s Music Nursery has gone metal!!

Deathmaask“There’s no place for our band to play” is a cry we in the Big Apachee office often hear, and no genre screams that complaint as loud in our ears as Heavy Metal. So we’ve teamed up with The Wickham Park Hotel and it’s Music Nursery to present a special night of Metal with Sabretung and newcomers Deathmaask.

Sabretung continue to spearhead the Australian attack for the new wave of thrash metal movement. With supports for both national and international acts such as Paul Dianno, Mortal Sin, The Amenta, Double Dragon, Frankenbok and Five Star Prison Cell under their belts, the band continues to spread their aural violence to head bangers young and old, bringing a cleansing inferno of unrelenting raw aggression to a metal scene overgrown with contrived technicality and half-hearted brutality.

For much of 2009 the band has been bunkered down producing their first full length album ‘Conquest’ with a tentative November release. This album has been a culmination of the band’s hard work over the four years since their formation.

Continuing the legacy of the sounds pioneered by bands such as Kreator, Sepultura and Slayer, Sabretung will leave their mark as one of the most intense musical monsters on the planet.

Joining Sabretung will be the progressive thrash style of Deathmaask. Originally forming in 2007 as just a three piece, Will, Dan and Dave sought to bring their love of all things hard and heavy together. Then late in 2007 Nick entered the scene allowing Will (who was playing drums) to go to frontman. A search for a bassist then followed and for awhile it looked like no one would be able to fill the role, until Cam joined the group. Taking awhile to come up with their name (as nothing pleased all parties involved), Deathmaask (no it’s not a typo, there are two A’s) was formed.

The Music Nursery goes Metal – The Wickham Park Hotel – Thursday 23rd July

Posted on July 10th, 2009 in Events

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