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Music Nursery’s Siren Song

Emily RoseWith JJJ’s recent Hottest 100 of All Time completely ignoring female songwriters The Wickham Park Hotel’s Music Nursery is setting out to illustrate that there are gifted women on our doorstep who write and perform wonderful music:

Emily Rose

Emily Rose has been spreading her own gospel of acoustic pop via intimate performances across Newcastle in recent times. With a stunning and emotive voice, Emily manages to enrapture her audience whether it be a crowd of one or one hundred. With a swag of new material ready to be road tested Emily cites her influences as boys and sweet melodies.

Amy Newton-Banks

Amy Newton-Banks captivates her audiences with her blend of acoustic folk pop that draws on themes of life and love. Her music can be both uplifting and melancholy. All that know her will recognize that her music is a true reflection of self and character as she shines with the light of life. Her music articulates a reality that comes with personal understanding and reflection.

In addition to her solo performances Amy is the lead singer of alternative rock band The Belle Curve.

  • What: The Music Nursery – Siren’s Song featuring Amy Newton Banks and Emily Rose.
  • Where: The Wickham Park Hotel
  • When: Thursday 20th August

Entry is free

Posted on August 2nd, 2009 in Events

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