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The Music Nursery – The Zillers + Caleb Skips Chemistry

The Music Nursery at the Wickham Park Hotel continues with a massive show to kick off the month on October 1 – The Zillers and Caleb Skips Chemistry.

Caleb Skips Chemistry

Caleb Skips ChemistryRecent years have seen the newcastle rock scene dwindle and hardcore music rise to fruition as the dominant sound – But what is next? Caleb Skips Chemistry is the answer to the question. Coming full circle, newcastle is preparing for the heaviest live rock performance since Sleight of Hand’s split. On the back of their debut EP ‘Battles Begun’ the lads from [CsC] are touring NSW and interstate.

The past several years have seen the bands sound evolve and change into the solid, rockin’ grooves of today. ‘Overload’ from the debut EP showcases their catchy pop sensibilty but also their political and heavy-hitting presence. Often compared to Mammal and RAtM these guys are time and again proving that rock’n'roll is where its at. With live performances that leave punters battered, hearts racing and ear-holes throbbing [Csc] are a must see.

the.CALEB’s have won acclaim around state – blitzing TAFE, REGIONAL and LOCAL band comps with their uncompromising live show. These guys aren’t afraid of spelling ‘Brutal’ the way it should be spelt, and are redefining the local scene as a place where bands are judged on their performance … not just their image. So help them raise the bar in this scene, by coming to a show and raising the roof.

The debut EP ‘Battles Begun’ will be available at gigs from late September.

The Zillers

As longtime schoolmates, who met in the mundane halls and classrooms of Kurri High, The Zillers exploded onto the Newcastle and Maitland music scene in the early summer of 2007.

With over 20 songs penned in the first year, The Zillers have gone onto play 120+ shows with the likes of Airbourne, The Scare, Muzzy Pep and British India.

In a short space of time the boys discovered their own sound combining a melodic sound wall of blaring complex guitars, dirty elaborate bass lines, and an amalgamation of colossal drumbeats and fills, initiating their own style of modern rock from influences such as QOTSA, Grinspoon & At The Drive In.

The Zillers first EP (yet to be titled) is going through its final stages of completion and is scheduled for release in the late spring of 2009 after working with acclaimed producer Tony Heads and polished off at Abbey Road Studios UK.

  • What: The Zillers + Caleb Skips Chemistry @ The Music Nursery
  • Where: The Wickham Park Hotel
  • When: Thursday October 1
  • Cost: Free

Posted on September 16th, 2009 in General

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