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St Patricks Day at the Northern Star Hotel

The truth & legend of St Patrick is shrouded in the mists of time. In good Irish tradition, the fact and the fiction have been mixed and magnified so that they can no longer be told apart.

One legend says as a youth he was kidnapped by an Irish raiding party, where he was sold as a slave. After several years of herding cattle, sheep & pigs he escaped to Europe where he studied for the priesthood. After a dream persuaded him to return to Ireland and convert the Pagans to Christianity, he also supposedly rid the country of snakes, drove the devils mother into a lake and killed a witch with his handbell.

Pat The LeprechaunUltimately the blending of reality and exaggeration about St Pat matters for naught. Irish folk will tell you – it’s all about the Craic.

And the best Craic this St Patrick’s Day is at the Northern Star Hotel.

The festivities kick off in the early hours with a special $10 Irish Breakfast served in the restaurant for those keen to get a jumpstart to the day. Entertaining these early revellers will be Pat the loony leprechaun (aka Chris Kelly). Chris’s irreverent brand of humour is a Northern Star St Pat’s institution, with magic tricks and lewd Irish jokes his stock in trade. He juggles with balls, clubs, cricket bats and machetes. With a sense of comedy and wit Pat finds hecklers a delight – picking up on their idiosyncrasies without insult or injury. His ability to weave through the crowd on his 6′ unicycle while simultaneously playing an Irish jig on his fiddle will leave punters amazed. But it’s not just the early starters at breakfast that will get a taste of Pat the Leprechaun, with Chris set to take the show on the road, roving the entire hotel come lunchtime.

Speaking of lunch, the great Irish fare continues with the hotel’s chef offering up some tasty $10 treats from their menu for both lunch and dinner. And lunch and dinner patrons will also be entertained by the Celtic convict country stylings of Gleny Rae Virus. Best known for her work with the Tamworth Playboys and The Junes, Gleny has a concocted a special routine for St Pat’s Day ranging from traditional ballads to old fashioned sing-alongs all the while accompanied by a troupe of disparate musical magicians.

But it won’t just be the breakfast, lunch and dinner crowd that will be catered for, with The Northern Star being the place to be for a Guinness or Kilkenny all day. Entertainment starts off in the front bar from 10am and runs until midnight, and the beer garden will be jumping from 1pm, with live music from Paddy’s Craic, Jigzag, The McNasty’s & Hugh Gordon’s Irish Combo.

  • What: St Patrick’s Day
  • Where: Northern Star Hotel
  • When: Wednesday March 17
  • Cost: All entertainment is free.

St Patrick’s Day entertainment at the Northern Star Hotel

All told St Patrick’s Day at the Northern Star Hotel has over 30 hours of entertainment, on 3 stages, all squeezed into one short day – that’s partying Irish style.


  • Pat the Leprechaun (7 – 9am)
  • Gleny Rae Duo (12 – 2pm)
  • Gleny Rae Trio (6 – 9pm)

Front Bar

  • Jigzag (10am – 12)
  • Paddy’s Craic (12 – 3pm)
  • Hugh Gordon (3 – 6)
  • The McNasty’s (6 – 9)
  • Hugh Gordon (9 – 12)

Beer Garden

  • Jigzag (1 – 4)
  • Paddy’s Craic (5 – 7)
  • Jigzag (7 – 10pm)

Bookings for breakfast lunch & dinner are recommended and can be done through the hotel on 02 49611 087

Posted on February 23rd, 2010 in Events

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