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Kindred – Bringing Malice to Wonderland

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

KindredA special night of music has been planned for lovers of Metal and Hardcore. When the Malice in Wonderland event comes to the Newcastle Leagues’ Level One, Novocastrians will have the opportunity to witness four of the best acts in the genre perform. And one of them is Newcastle’s own Kindred.

Forging a new path in an era where originality is passé, plagiarism is rewarded and innovation is lost, Is not an easy thing but that is exactly what Kindred have achieved.

Not satisfied with being limited to one genre Kindred seamlessly weld together the best of metal and hardcore, with well constructed harmonies and melodic sound scapes.

Kindred finalised it’s line up early 2009 and has since toured relentlessly Nationally throughout Australia, unquestionably making them one of Australia’s hardest working “true” independent bands.

Late 2010 will see Kindred deliver to their fans their most anticipated CD release to date. The new release will showcase the superior musicianship of a band which knows no limits and for the first time will be backed by Waterfront records and MGM Distribution. Though the CD will still be released independently the quality will be on par with any major release worldwide. The CD will be mixed and mastered by Fredrik Nordström the producer behind bands such as In Flames and Soilwork in Sweden and Shane Edwards in Sydney.

The CD, titled Ignite The Machine, was launched in March this year at the Cambridge Hotel in Newcastle West.

KindredThe new CD also showcasse Kindred’s first professional video clip directed by Jay Johnson who has worked for Universal and Warner music and produced video clips for bands such as LINKIN PARK.

Kindred delivers live, with an Energetic and Commanding performance, this alone has seen the band support and headline some of the best line ups in Australia playing to crowds into the thousands and receiving praise from International and Australian bands alike.

… “Impressive Ball busting Metal” … – Reverb magazine

… “A powerful sound indeed” … – Blunt magazine

… “Diverse, Solid and Melodic” … – Reverb magazine

Kindred will team up with other metal purveyors for Malice in Wonderland:

  • What: Malice in Wonderland
  • Who: Ink + Kindred + Mz Ann Thropik + Devilution
  • When: Friday 25th June, 2010
  • Where: Level One – Newcastle Leagues Club

Indie Songstress Embarks on Maiden UK Voyage

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Award-winning Australian indie-folk songstress Amy Vee has announced her very first UK tour, commencing in June 2010, in support of the recently released and acclaimed EP Sleeping Dogs Lie.

Amy Vee sets off for UK tourSleeping Dogs Lie was released in September of last year, after months of demo recording and a series of showcases including a spot at the prestigious Canadian Music Week in Toronto, Canada. The EP was recorded at Hazy Cosmic Jive studio in Amy’s coastal hometown of Newcastle, New South Wales. Since then, Vee has toured extensively in Australia, sharing the stage with the artists such as UK troubadour Newton Faulkner and Canada’s Jeff Martin (former Tea Party frontman) bringing her new songs to audiences in Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane.

The EP has been well received in Australia and has seen Vee take home a slew of awards including the prestigious ABC/APRA Songwriters Recognition Award.

“2009 was a massive year for me, musically”, explains Amy, “I’m so pleased with the reaction that the new songs are receiving from audiences and am keen to reach as many people as I can with these songs. They represent a big turning point for me musically and personally and I really believe this recording speaks to people from many walks of life”.

Vee is excited to be playing at some of London’s best acoustic venues throughout the month, including The Halfmoon in Putney, The Troubadour Club in Earl’s Court and The Regal Room in Hammersmith. These are but a few of Amy’s many shows around England and Scotland during her whirlwind tour.

“It’s a dream for me to be touring in the UK and I’m looking forward to visiting for the first time. I’ve always been inspired by British music and I’ve always felt a connection to the place. My great grandmother (who I only met once as a small child), was the Mayor of North Tyneside in the late 1970s. I’ve always wanted to find out more about my English roots and I’m thrilled to be bringing my stories and my music to a place that my ancestors called home”.

Copies of Sleeping Dogs Lie will be available at each of the shows and are available online now from her website

Ezra Lee & The Hip Shakers

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Ezra LeeEzra Lee & The Hip Shakers are four piece band featuring Ezra Lee on piano and vocals, Red Rivers on guitar, Dave ‘Hitman’ Harding is on bass, Lochie Dengate is on drums.

Red has released seven albums and toured Europe three times, sold two of his songs to USA blue legend Charlie Musselwhite and supported Texas country artist Dale Watson around Australia. Dave lives in Sydney and is a member of Chuck’s Wagon and has supported Lynwood Slim, Carrie Belle, Kid Bangam and Junior Wells. Lochie has been in Rob Lucky & The Lucky Bastards and Satellite V and has played nearly every major festival in Australia.

Ezra Lee recorded his album You Can’t Stop A Freight Train in Melbourne’s famed rocking studio, Preston, and has also been part of four other albums released from the label. He is known across the land as a uniquely styled piano player and working class rock ‘n’ roll singer, respected by the dancers and drinkers that follow to every pub, club and festival that he and his band play at.

The music played by Ezra Lee & The Hip Shakers is blues & roots, rock ‘n’ roll and boogie with raw energy and excitement. Previous to The Hip Shakers, Ezra made a name as the pumpin’ piano man in the legendary pub blues band Johnny Green’s Blues Cowboys, playing festivals such as The East Coast Blues & Roots Festival and The Tamworth Country Music Festival.

On the 25th of May Ezra Lee and four of his label mates are heading over to Barcelona, Spain for a set each at the 15th Annual Screamin’ Festival, supporting the first rock ‘n’ roll band Bill Haley’s Comets and Sleepy La Beef.

But before he heads off o/s Ezra has united with Pat Capocci for a special farewell party this Sunday at The Wickham Park Hotel. Capocci is also off to Barcelona with a handful of other dates across Europe. Say goodbye to the boys before they go:

Kym Campbell – ‘Preview’ National EP Launch Tour

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

Kym CampbellWith a surfboard under one arm and a guitar under the other, Kym Campbell is making waves with the surf music culture of Australia and is about to break out into the wider community with her second release, Preview, produced by the renowned Michael Stangel. (Veronicas/Shannon Noll)

Often described as the female Jack Johnson, Kym writes and performs earthy, stripped back music which can best be described as roots, folk and reggae, peppered with acoustic guitar, ukulele, harmonica and a tight rhythm section.

It wasn’t until hearing Ben Harper play at her university in California at age 20 that Campbell was inspired to learn to play music. Shortly after picking up the guitar, Campbell moved from Seattle to Australia, where she discovered and embraced the coastal culture of surf, sun and music. As an Australian, a surfer and as a musician, Campbell was a late starter, but this combination was such a natural ft that she progressed rapidly.

By 2008, Kym was beginning to turn heads including becoming a fnalist in the Top 10 Music Oz Awards for BestSinger/Songwriter; as well as being Highly Commended by judges for three songs from her debut EP, So Alive.

Recently signing with an independent Melbourne based record label, Kym Campbell, is about to head on a national tour to celebrate the release of her new EP titled ‘Preview’, produced by world renowned producer, Michael Stangel (The Veronicas, Shannon Noll), at Medici Studios in Melbourne.

The highlight track, ‘Preview’, from the EP, will be released as a single exclusively to radio stations, prior to the tour to promote the new EP and Campbell’s tour dates. Kym’s music spans an array of genres from acoustic reggae to folk, roots flowing to easy surf-rock, with her tunes reflecting a lifestyle of travel, sun, ocean, surf and song.

The national tour will take place over three months and will go through all major cities across Australia. Campbell will be playing in Newcastle at The View Factory on May 19th, starting at 9pm.

  • What: Kym Campbell – ‘Preview’ Tour
  • Where: The View Factory
  • When: May 19, 2010 – From 9pm

For more information on individual ticket prices go to

Australian Beefweek Show

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

The Australian Beefweek ShowAccording to the Australian pocket oxford dictionary: “ego ; an act or time of solely indulging in one’s interests/self expression …” The Australian Beefweek Show with its highly hedonistic values have been expressing such interests for nearly a decade now……Obviously this choice of existence will have its victims.

With only one original soldier that entered this particular war zone still standing, the decision was to keep recruiting new bunches of self-destructive semi-musical warlords to take up the charge. We could sit here for days just trying to think of all the past members, let alone take you into any detail of the life that they experienced as a member of the revolving door that is “the Australian Beefweek Show”. Rather than bore you shirtless with some trad band bio we are simply going to run you through a brief Q and A with the five current members.

What is the first thought that come’s to mind when you hear the word “Beefweek”?

PETE (drums) : ahh? ok! hah hah!….. yeah man!
MULLARD (guitar/vox) : ahhh? F*ck! ummm?…. steak in a schooner glass!
FRAMMO (bass/vox) : keeping the c**t in country rock!
ERROL (guitar/vox) : ahh yeah!…….. that pack of deadsh*ts!
WASHY (vox/rum) : looks like we’re drinking tonight!

Best beefweek gig of all time?

MULLARD : that would be my first one, five years ago….we played three sets and I only knew one of them!…and the very hazy memory of bufo dipping stale bread into molten mull butter…not to mention the pantless hilarity that soon followed.
PETE : it was somewhere between Peat’s Ridge and Wollombi, playing in the mud at some doof-doof with a bunch of filthy hippies!
FRAMMO : the gumball 2005..i think it was Errol’s first gig?..washy was firing on all cylinders that night…best performance to date!
ERROL : it would have to be the bikie pub at Scone…when the licensee informs the band that it’s free beers all night and is also willing to facilitate in the flow of free rum and shots as well!…you know you’re gonna be there for a while!
WASHY : the first time we ever got naked on stage at our album launch, during a cover of “chase the dragon”..this came after actually learning a good part of the set for that night in the van that afternoon, on the way home from Armidale.

Worst beefweek gig ever?

WASHY : the time we drove to Lismore for one took twelve hours to get there due to Bufo’s combi sh*tting itself.. and then about twenty minutes into the set I passed out due to a hideous dose of the flu.
ERROL : my first gig at the 2005 gumball..I spent most of the set playing agony aunt to the stage manager…he was continually tapping me on the shoulder, venting his fury about the amount of rum and beer that was being spilt all over his sound system by our “not so in control” frontman.
MULLARD : it would have to be the gumball 2005, hey wasn’t that Errol’s first gig?….man!!!….really rad!!!…Chris was like?…well ya know??
FRAMMO : playing an autonomy day at Newy uni at 6am half cut sculling rum…Washy targeted the only person other than the sound guy who was paying us any attention and proceeded to hurl comments like “you’re so ugly mate! I reckon you’d have trouble getting a shag in a brothel” back and forth for most of the set..the innocent victim of his drunken abuse turned out to be a harmless lesbian.
PETE : man i’m in the middle of a tafe class at the moment…can i call you back?

All that rambling may have confused you. It will all make sense on the night:

To find out more about The Australian Beefweek Show visit their MySpace profile at

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