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The Australian Beefweek ShowAccording to the Australian pocket oxford dictionary: “ego ; an act or time of solely indulging in one’s interests/self expression …” The Australian Beefweek Show with its highly hedonistic values have been expressing such interests for nearly a decade now……Obviously this choice of existence will have its victims.

With only one original soldier that entered this particular war zone still standing, the decision was to keep recruiting new bunches of self-destructive semi-musical warlords to take up the charge. We could sit here for days just trying to think of all the past members, let alone take you into any detail of the life that they experienced as a member of the revolving door that is “the Australian Beefweek Show”. Rather than bore you shirtless with some trad band bio we are simply going to run you through a brief Q and A with the five current members.

What is the first thought that come’s to mind when you hear the word “Beefweek”?

PETE (drums) : ahh? ok! hah hah!….. yeah man!
MULLARD (guitar/vox) : ahhh? F*ck! ummm?…. steak in a schooner glass!
FRAMMO (bass/vox) : keeping the c**t in country rock!
ERROL (guitar/vox) : ahh yeah!…….. that pack of deadsh*ts!
WASHY (vox/rum) : looks like we’re drinking tonight!

Best beefweek gig of all time?

MULLARD : that would be my first one, five years ago….we played three sets and I only knew one of them!…and the very hazy memory of bufo dipping stale bread into molten mull butter…not to mention the pantless hilarity that soon followed.
PETE : it was somewhere between Peat’s Ridge and Wollombi, playing in the mud at some doof-doof with a bunch of filthy hippies!
FRAMMO : the gumball 2005..i think it was Errol’s first gig?..washy was firing on all cylinders that night…best performance to date!
ERROL : it would have to be the bikie pub at Scone…when the licensee informs the band that it’s free beers all night and is also willing to facilitate in the flow of free rum and shots as well!…you know you’re gonna be there for a while!
WASHY : the first time we ever got naked on stage at our album launch, during a cover of “chase the dragon”..this came after actually learning a good part of the set for that night in the van that afternoon, on the way home from Armidale.

Worst beefweek gig ever?

WASHY : the time we drove to Lismore for one took twelve hours to get there due to Bufo’s combi sh*tting itself.. and then about twenty minutes into the set I passed out due to a hideous dose of the flu.
ERROL : my first gig at the 2005 gumball..I spent most of the set playing agony aunt to the stage manager…he was continually tapping me on the shoulder, venting his fury about the amount of rum and beer that was being spilt all over his sound system by our “not so in control” frontman.
MULLARD : it would have to be the gumball 2005, hey wasn’t that Errol’s first gig?….man!!!….really rad!!!…Chris was like?…well ya know??
FRAMMO : playing an autonomy day at Newy uni at 6am half cut sculling rum…Washy targeted the only person other than the sound guy who was paying us any attention and proceeded to hurl comments like “you’re so ugly mate! I reckon you’d have trouble getting a shag in a brothel” back and forth for most of the set..the innocent victim of his drunken abuse turned out to be a harmless lesbian.
PETE : man i’m in the middle of a tafe class at the moment…can i call you back?

All that rambling may have confused you. It will all make sense on the night:

To find out more about The Australian Beefweek Show visit their MySpace profile at

Posted on May 1st, 2010 in Artists, Events

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