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Fifi L’Amour and Rodolfo Ravissant

Royal Exchange is pleased to present this salon concert Direct from Amsterdam

Fifi L'AmourDecadence, vulnerability and comedy have long been among the essential elements of traditional cabaret. All three and then some, are worked to full effect by the combination of Fifi L’Amour and Rodolfo Ravissant …. have a fine feel for the irreverent and a wicked sense of mischief combined with the ability to shift moods quickly from the outrageous to the reflective.

It is these occasional gentler moments that give the show its edge and remind us that there is more to this oddly named couple than just another trip down the sleazy side of life.

This is a tour of Europe with a touch of class- with a ballad-belting bombshell who can sit on the lap of her audience without ever moving off the stage.

It’s a contralto voice but her range is dynamic, her presentation demands attention and she rewards you for it. Rodolfo is a master of the piano and accordion who also cleverly backgrounds improvised scenes.

One Night Only

  • Where: Royal Exchange, 34 Bolton St, Newcastle
  • Who: Fifi L’Amour & Rudolfo Ravissant
  • When: Thursday 19th August, 8pm
  • Tickets: $20 (or concesssion by negotiation)

Find out more about Fifi L’Amour and Rodolfo Ravissant at their website

Posted on August 14th, 2010 in Events

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