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Strong Words From The Havelocks

The HavelocksA few months ago The Havelocks dissapeared from the live scene. In the past several weeks the band has returned for some special shows at Lizotte’s, the Lass O’Gowrie Hotel and the Hamilton Station. So the band is back, but what did the five-piece get up to during their hiatus from the live scene in Newcastle?

“We recorded an EP,” replies rhythm guitarist and resident beard Craig Whibley. And so they did! Locking themselves up in the basement of producer Jayson Evans’ Aurora Live Studios in Warners Bay, The Havelocks went about putting together their debut EP.

“Five songs, three guitars, one drum kit, a bass, two vodka kegs, ten cartons, seventeen cigarettes, a Fender deluxe and a f*!!?*ing Les Paul,” mused vocalist Jay Piper, “It’s rocky, it’s poppy, it’s chunky, it’s funky.”.

The Havelocks put down five songs for the EP which is titled “Words”, after one of the band’s favourite songs.

“The fans love that one,” says drummer Luke Tweedie, “if you’re feeling like a gig isn’t going too well just pull out ‘Words’. It just makes people want to get on board, and they do. Sweet as a nut.”

As well as two other fan favourites The Darkness and Never Go, the band’s debut EP has two new songs.

“We recorded a demo with a fair few of the fan favourites last year,” says bassist Lawrence De Sylva. “Most of the people who know us and follow us have cds or mp3s of our stuff, so we couldn’t justify re-recording all old ones for the EP.”

So The Havelocks are back! This time with their debut EP “Words”. The “Words” EP launch will be held at the Northern Star Hotel on Saturday 25th September. In support of the launch will be sets from Melody Pool and the Brothers Clam. The EP will be available for sale at the launch and all subsequent gigs; online through iTunes, Aurora Live Online, via The Havelocks myspace site and other soon-to-be announced locations.

For more information about The Havelocks visit their MySpace profile at

Posted on September 2nd, 2010 in Artists, Events

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