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The Delta Riggs

The Delta Riggs ain’t no “nouveau-retro” affectation, wearing their blues credentials and big-band music pedigree on their sleeves. Call ‘em white-boy soul or rhythm ‘n’ blues, with a generous dollop of snake oil, spit and a sly wink, The Delta Riggs are as jubilatory, joyously gritty, and steeped in genuine Americana and good time classic freak ‘n’ roll as ever a band was.

The Delta RiggsThe songwriters behind this rollicking jamboree are shambolic front man Elliott Hammond and his bouffant-toting guitar player, Aaron Jackson. Both were raised on a staple diet of Bob Dylan, The Band, The Stones, Creedence, Led Zep and Grateful Dead. It’s a core unit of six common souls that fuses The Delta Riggs though, with Michael Tramonte (bass), Alex ‘Rudy’ Markwell (guitar), Simon McConnell (drums) and Alex Edwards (keys). “We’re a rhythm ‘n’ blues band,” states Hammond. “A jam-band of unified musicians who are all on the same page”.
“So long as it’s got three chords, a cool beat and our version of the truth, that sums us up,” laughs Jackson. But ask their snake-hipped, shambolic singer and he’ll tell you The Delta Riggs are a band borne out of their time. “The focus for us is all on the music, immersing ourselves in it and discovering it – when people listen to this band, we want them to lose themselves in our world.

This isn’t background music, a f*cking ringtone or some compressed MP3 file coming out of a shitty computer speaker. You were never meant to engage with Music … real music, like that. It’s meant to be played live, as a conversation with the listener… That’s where the magic sits, man.”

Sure enough, live is where The Delta Riggs hit their stride, and the hubbub has already started. With their rootsy soul, ramshackle R’n'B, stunning gospel harmonies and swaggering blues, the Delta Riggs have picked up the torch of rock ‘n’ roll’s free-wheeling spirit and are running with it.

Hallelujah, come join the jubilee – The Delta Riggs are coming to town, baby.

  • Who: The Delta Riggs
  • When: Saturday 21st May
  • Where:The CBD Hotel

Entry to the gig is free.

The Delta Riggs eponymous debut EP is out now through leading independent stores and online at or

Posted on April 27th, 2011 in Artists, Events

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